The much touted holistic approach with alternative and complementary therapies is a safe and effective method for treating cancer patients of any stage. Alternative therapies are used in place of standard/traditional cancer therapies to mitigate the side effects caused by any cancer treatment protocol and to improve patient’s quality of life.  Considering the complexities of different cancers in different patients, the treatment approach should be specific to each patient. This personalized approach increases the effectiveness of particular treatment used for the particular patient. Many patients are now turning towards alternative methods and integrative cancer care to fulfill their hope for healing. SPDT 4 Life offers the following two alternative methods of cancer therapy: 

Sono Photo Dynamic Therapy

Sono Photo Dynamic Therapy, known as SPDT for short, is a combination of two types of alternative therapy: Sono-Dynamic Therapy and Photo-Dynamic Therapy. SPDT is designed to eliminate malignant cells by using light therapies and ultrasound waves targeted at these malignant cells. It does not damage the healthy cells, unlike some other types of invasive and toxic cancer therapies. As tumors do not develop resistance to SPDT so it can be used repeatedly without any problems, until the desired effect is achieved. Another advantage of using SPDT is it goes deep inside the tumour and more effectively eliminates the tumour.

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Therapy

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Therapy, also known as HIFU, is an ultrasound therapy that eliminates cancer cells by using high frequency ultrasound waves. This is a non-invasive treatment and is considered particularly effective for treating either specific areas of larger tumors or smaller single tumors. It is particularly used for treatment of advanced prostate cancer and various prostate related diagnoses. HIFU is often used in conjunction with other types of therapies and has shown promising effect for treatment of different cancers of early and late stages.

Use of alternative methods for cancer treatment has gained considerable momentum in recent years. SPDT 4 Life is dedicated to provide best care to cancer patients with its diverse approaches personalized for specific patients. Besides, we ensure the continuity of our cancer care with improved outcome. Conclusively, SDPT 4 Life is involved in creating an alternative therapy based sphere for cancer patients.