Now a day’s the integrative cancer care as an advanced cancer therapeutic approach is gaining momentum which includes- standard/traditional therapy, alternative therapy, and complementary therapy. While the complementary therapy is used along with the standard care, but the alternative therapy is used in place of the standard therapy. Advanced cancer therapies & treatments aim towards the reduction of patient’s suffering during the treatment protocol and results in accelerated healing with improved quality of life. As a part of integrative cancer care, alternative cancer therapies can broadly include non-invasive & non-toxic variation of standard therapies (e.g. SPDT, HIFU, RFA) and complementary & alternative medicines (CAM). Unfortunately, there are some misconceptions about the alternative cancer therapies and treatments, especially when it comes to their effectiveness for advanced cancer treatment. The following are three facts about alternative cancer treatments that will help you understand more about their use as advanced cancer therapies & treatments.

#1: Alternative therapies can be effective against advanced cancer

One of the most common myths regarding alternative cancer therapies is that they can’t be effective for advanced stage cancer. But the fact is that alternative cancer therapies can be effective for treating advanced cancer when it is used as a part of integrative cancer care. Doctors at SPDT 4 LIFE have proven abilities to treat advanced stage cancer with integrative cancer care approach and alternative therapies.

#2: Alternative therapies are not used alone for advanced cancers

The purpose of alternative therapies for advanced cancer treatment is to reduce patient’s suffering during the treatment. But in many cases an alternative therapy itself is not effective and needs to be combined with other standard therapies. The treatment protocol is personalized considering patient’s cancer stage/grade, patient’s age, location of cancer, and genomic profile of cancer. For instance, Debulking surgery is often used as a precursor to SPDT in cases of brain tumors and ovarian cancer, pertaining to their resistance towards non-invasive therapies in advanced stage. However, reducing the tumor volume makes non-invasive SPDT treatments more effective in these cases.

#3: Alternative therapies can benefit from additional holistic treatments

Holistic treatments are designed to help patients improve their overall lifestyles by eliminating cancer promoting habits and introducing cancer fighting habits. Holistic treatments include a wide range of therapies like, exercise therapy, gut health maintenance, sleep therapy, aromatherapy, organic diet, and nutrition designed to detoxify body. Holistic therapies are often used in combination with other therapies.

Doctors at SPDT 4 Life are dedicated and continuously striving to make it the world’s best cancer solution center with its high profile integrative cancer care ranging from standard to alternative, and holistic therapeutic approaches.