In this month’s newsletter we continue where we left off last month – taking a closer look at the comprehensive range of testing we conduct to establish what is the best method of treatment for each of our unique individual patients.

Last month we looked at the Genomic Wellness Test and Gut Microbiome Test and this month we discuss the Food Sensitivity Test, Exercise Tests and Cancer Sensitivity Test – all crucial in assisting our doctors when tailoring the most effective personalised treatment plans.

At SPDT 4 LIFE our focus is on providing the best possible treatment for our patients and leaving no stone unturned when trying to save their lives. So many of them come to us after they have been given no hope or help elsewhere. We feel privileged and proud to be able stand with these incredible people and help them fight this terrible disease using the best, safest, evidenced-based, cutting-edge therapies available anywhere.

Food is medicine, exercise is medicine – by simply eating a proper healthy diet that is full of nourishing nutrient rich foods  – and exercising – patients can improve their immune system and overall health markedly.

Poor choices relating to food and exercise can cause and enhance cancer so we aim to reverse that and teach the patient better ways.

Food Sensitivity Test – Inflammation – some say – is the cause of all disease and it is universally accepted that chronic inflammation can cause and contribute to many cancers. That being the case we aim to eliminate inflammation from our patients bodies. We can learn a lot about a patient’s predisposition for inflammation through the Genomic Wellness Test and also through the Gut Microbiome Test, but another way we can identify acute inflammation in our patients is through a Food Sensitivity Test. This is a simple blood test which can identify which specific foods individual patients are allergic/sensitive to that causes inflammation in their body.

There are a number of foods that many humans are sensitive to such as dairy and gluten, but as everyone is different we must identify what is the best diet for each individual patient so that we can provide them with a diet that eliminates cancer-enhancing food and replaces them with cancer-fighting foods.

Everyone must eat – and for cancer patients it is so important that we pack their diet with the best possible nutrients for them. Sadly this is something that is desperately missing in most other hospitals.

The food served at most hospitals is usually devoid of almost any nutrients and is often packed with preservatives and chemicals that are more cancer-enhancing than cancer-fighting.

Diet is such an important part of a patients treatment, it is just such a tragedy to see that this is ignored by so many hospitals. But at SPDT 4 LIFE we are not like any other hospital, here we identify what is causing inflammation in our patients, educate them what to avoid and teach them what to replace it with. Eliminating inflammation and boosting the immune system to fight cancer through diet. Such a simple and common sense approach. Simple but effective!

Exercise Tests –  We all know exercise  is critical to achieving optimal health. We also now know that certain types of exercise are better for certain types of cancer and for certain people.

Through our work with oncology trained exercise physiologists we can determine which types of exercise is best for each patient. Our EPs will go though a number of diagnostic tests to establish what the patient’s limitations are and what is best for them and their cancer. They will then write a program for the patient and work with them when needed and also through our Patient Advocate Network can work with the patients when they return home to ensure they are continuing with their program and getting the most out of it.

Exercise can fight cancer and boost the immune system and through the incredible work of Professor Rob Newton our patients will have the benefit of his 15 + years of study into exercise and its effects on cancer.

Cancer Sensitivity Test – Whilst all the tests we do for our patients provide important information about their specific condition, this Cancer Sensitivity Test is one of the most valuable weapons our doctors have when designing an effective treatment protocol to destroy cancer in our patients. This blood test assesses the sensitivity of the circulating tumour cells (CTCs) found in our patient’s blood against hundreds of different forms of therapies. It takes the guess work out of deciding which form of treatment is best for each patient and allows the doctors to make an informed decision when prescribing a protocol.

The importance of this cannot be overstated. We have had so many patients come to us at SPDT 4 LIFE who have received treatment in their home countries that has not worked – allowing their cancer to grow and spread and at the same time making them very ill, causing them pain and suffering, loss of hair and to say nothing of the waste of valuable time and money.

When they come to us and do the Cancer Sensitivity Test they are not surprised to find that the test shows that their cancer was not sensitive to the drugs their doctor had prescribed for them that did not work. If only their doctors had ordered this type of test then per haps their treatment would have been more successful and the pain, suffering and wasted time and money could have been avoided.

Developed in Europe the tests we use have been widely used in Europe and the USA for many years.

At SPDT 4 LIFE we will leave no stone unturned when trying to find ways to save the lives of our cherished patients. Most of the key people in our organisation have been personally touched by cancer and have seen first hand the impact that it has on the patient and their families and loved ones. This first hand experience gives us an important perspective – we are firmly focused on what is best for the patient – and drives us to do all we can to defeat this dreadful disease.

We know each patient and their cancer is different and therefore no two treatments should be the same. Everything needs to be personalised as to what is best for the individual. So that is why we do the tests we do – so as we can prescribe the most effective treatments possible and give our patients the best chance of living long and healthy, happy fulfilled lives. There are things that can be done and by not treating the cancer in isolation, but rather treating the whole patient and correcting their underlying health issues so as their body can function optimally – and do its job in controlling and defeating cancer – we are able to help people who have been given no hope elsewhere.

Most experts agree that harnessing the body’s immune system to defeat cancer could be the holy grail of future treatment. Yet they still focus on pharmaceuticals and drugs to find the answer and seem to ignore the glaringly obvious holistic methods that are the subject of ground breaking research. This is severely limiting to the millions of cancer patients around the world and sadly in the time of desperation they put all their faith in the oncologists that they believe are the experts. But the reality is in places like Australia the oncologists are severely limited by what they can do for their patients. Chemotherapy, radiation surgery and in some cases immunotherapy is all the regulators will allow them to prescribe – or the insurance companies will cover them for. But that does not mean that there is not other  – and sometimes better options – available out there.

At SPDT 4 LIFE we are committed to letting people know that there are other and better options available  – that places like this exist – and that we will do all we can to help them, using the latest science and our combination of the best, safest, evidence-based conventional, alternative and holistic therapies available anywhere in the world.

A patient recently contact us and wanted to know about the treatment options we could offer her. She was very impressed with what we suggested and has initiated the process to travel to us at SPDT 4 LIFE for treatment.

She is a young 27 year old mother of 2 small children. She comes from Queensland, Australia and was recently diagnosed with colon cancer that had spread to her liver and lungs.  She is an active, fit young girl and was shocked to find she had the disease. Last year she had some nagging back pain and after many doctors appointments and tests found that she had a tumour in her liver that was causing the pain. The doctors realised this was not the primary tumour and found that she had colon cancer that had spread to the liver. The doctors decided they could remove the primary tumour in the bowel and also do a liver resection to remove the section of the liver with tumours as well.

They were able to successfully remove the tumours and the patient was able to return to a normal life – with no pain and not symptoms at all. However as the liver grew back the tumours also returned to the liver. She was not in any pain and still had no symptoms but was obviously concerned with the cancer still growing in her body. At this stage the patient decided she would move her family down to Melbourne so as she could become a patient at one of Australia’s leading cancer hospitals.

However having moved her family and consulted doctors at this hospital she was told that there was nothing they could do for her. Their only treatment option for her would be chemotherapy, but as that is a nasty treatment that would cause her pain and suffering and severely impact her quality of life, they suggested that she do nothing until she started to show symptoms. So essentially they told her to go away enjoy her life while it was good and let her cancer grow and spread unchecked until such a time that she started to show symptoms and felt ill or in pain – and then they would give her the horrible chemotherapy. And that was it. Supposedly the best cancer hospital in the country is telling a young mother of 2 to let the cancer spread and grow unchecked and untreated until it makes your life miserable and then we will treat it. The patient was horrified, disgusted, disappointed and angry, and the team at SPDT 4 LIFE shares these feeling and sympathises with the patient – but sadly it is not the first time we have heard these kind of stories.

We are so proud to be able to give hope to patients like this that so desperately need it. And privileged to witness the relief that they experience when we tell them that we have options and that we will do testing on them to find out what will be the best form of treatment for them and their specific cancer, that we will test their gut, DNA, and their blood to establish what we can do to boost their immune system and eliminate inflammation and other cancer-enhancing factors from their bodies and lives, that will educate them on what to eat and the best exercise for them to boost their immune system and fight cancer. That we will teach them how to eliminate and control stress that can lead to cancer – how to eliminate toxins and cancer causing elements from their home and lives and replace them with cancer fighting ones.

Our extensive range of safe, evidence-based treatment is unparalleled and so the combination of having the knowledge of what works best for the individual patient and so many treatment options, – plus the attitude of leaving no stone unturned when fighting for our patients – makes us a unique and highly valued option for cancer patients the world over who are crying out for more than the standard options of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery – or nothing as was the sad case of our new patient.

We invite all those who have been touched by cancer and are seeking treatment for themselves, or another, to contact us and learn more about our holistic treatment programs. We have had great success with helping many patients who have been given no hope elsewhere, and look forward to helping many others on their journey back to optimal health.