For the months of June and July our newsletters will take a closer look at the comprehensive range of testing we conduct to establish what is the best method of treatment for each of our unique individual patients. We are committed and determined to learn as much about each of our cherished patients as we possibly can, as we are firm believers that knowledge is power and the more we know about each patient and their specific cancer, the better equipped we are to be able to tailor the best possible treatment protocol to return them to optimal health. It makes no sense to us – and is certainly not in the patient’s best interest – to have a ‘one size fits all’ approach, where doctors prescribe a drug such as chemotherapy that ‘usually’ works for a certain kind of cancer in ‘most’ cases – and then just hope that it works. We much prefer to take the guess work out of this critically important process and use a scientific, evidence-based methodology that gives the patient the best possible chance at living a long, healthy, happy and fulfilled life. We hope you find this subject as important and interesting as we do – stay tuned for more in our July newsletter. Kindest regards,

Each patient is unique and their cancer is unique, so we go to great lengths to find out as much as we can about each individual patient so that we can tailor a treatment plan to best combat their specific condition. Personalised medicine is key – no one size fits all strategy is implemented at SPDT 4 LIFE.

We do a lot of things differently at SPDT 4 LIFE and proudly so. Firstly we don’t just look at the cancer in isolation – we look at the whole patient and everything about them, their family history, their own personal history and lifestyle, what they eat and drink, do they exercise, their sleep patterns, do they smoke, what is their job, are they stressed etc etc? From this we can establish what cancer-enhancing practices they may have in their life that need to be eliminated and replaced with cancer-fighting practices.

Education is an important part of what we do at SPDT 4 LIFE – both for our team and for our patients. Our team needs to learn as much information as possible about each patient and their condition and we then need to educate the patients about how they can most effectively fight cancer through their lifestyle choices. When experts say that up to 90% of cancers are lifestyle induced it is crucial that patients know what they should and shouldn’t be doing to fight cancer.

Through our extensive barrage of tests we can identify what is going on inside the patient at a molecular level that may be sub-optimal and contributing to the cancer, then we set about correcting these things and returning the patients to optimal health.

There are standard tests that most oncologists will order for their patients, such as blood tests, that identify if there are elevated tumour markers in a patient, or irregular levels of white or red blood cells or platelets etc and the typical diagnostic scans such as CT scans, MRIs or PET scans to identify the number, size and location of tumours. At SPDT 4 LIFE we do all of these tests too and have VIP access to the pathology and radiology labs at Golden Sand Bay Hospital providing for our patients the latest technology in diagnostics and ensuring fast and accurate results in these important fields.

However, it is the additional tests that our team at SPDT 4 LIFE employ that make us stand out from the crowd of other cancer treatment centres around the world. We want to know more than the bare minimum, we want to know as much as we can – as you cannot defeat your enemies until you know who they are. The more we know the better equipped we are to fight the cancer and help our patients.

We don’t just look at the cancer – we look at the patient’s overall state of health.  There are many known risk factors that can enhance and cause cancer so we examine these factors and set about correcting them.

Genomic Wellness Test – The first step to optimal health is knowing exactly what works for each individual’s body, and this test is the ultimate place to start.

Technically this is a DNA sequencing test that maps the patient’s individual genome and allows practitioners to have a better understanding of the patient’s biological make up. This is a personalised ‘saliva’ test which will reveal how each patient’s genes are responding to environmental toxins, dietary and lifestyle influences. Based on the report, lifestyle changes, dietary suggestions and supplements are recommended which then can prevent or manage serious illness. The doctors can without guessing provide a personalised wellness strategy.

The actual gene variation will not change but the nutritionally modifiable gene changes will either up or down re g u l a t e g e n e expression and gene expression is an important factor in the field of cancer.

Our genetics play a huge role in how our health unfolds as we age, but until now, there’s been no way to know exactly what aspects of our own diet and lifestyle affects us the most.

With this revolutionary test, we can discover each patient’s unique genetic story to help develop a wellness plan that works with – not against – their genes.

With precise insight into each patients unique genetic makeup, our doctors are able to:

• Design a nutritional program that’s perfectly tailored to the individual body’s needs
• Create preventative strategies for long-term health
• Understand each patient’s specific dietary needs
• Develop more effective weight management plans
• Evaluate a patient’s inflammatory response to reduce their risk of various diseases
• Find out how well a patient’s body detoxifies environmental toxins and teach them how to manage this
• Understand a patient’s hormone metabolism pathway
• Analyse patient’s stress response and teach them how to better manage mental and environmental stressors in their life

With lifestyle and environmental factors playing such an enormous role in cancer today this information is groundbreaking and invaluable to our doctors and patients.

The Genomic Wellness Test is the most affordable, scientifically up to date and comprehensive analysis available.

Gut Microbiome Test – As approximately 80% of the human immune system is located in the gut, it is not surprising that scientists have found that there are strong links between the gut microbiome and cancer. The resident microbiota plays an essential role in activating, training, and modulating the host immune response.

One recent study published by the America Cancer Society stated that, ‘The human body harbours enormous numbers of microbiota that influence cancer susceptibility, in part through their vast metabolic capacity and their profound influence on immune cell function. Microbial pathogens drive tumorigenesis in 15% to 20% of cancer cases. Even larger numbers of malignancies are associated with an altered composition of commensal microbiota (dysbiosis) based on microbiome studies using metagenomic sequencing. Studies demonstrate that microbiota can alter cancer susceptibility and progression by diverse mechanisms, such as modulating inflammation, inducing DNA damage, and producing metabolites involved in oncogenesis or tumour suppression. Evidence is emerging that microbiota can be manipulated for improving cancer treatment. By incorporating probiotics as adjuvants for checkpoint immunotherapy or by designing small molecules that target microbial enzymes, microbiota can be harnessed to improve cancer care.’ CA Cancer J Clin 2017;67:326–344. © 2017 American Cancer Society.

Being that the immune system plays such a critical role in fighting cancer – achieving optimal gut health and boosting the immune system
are imperative components of the treatment of patients at SPDT 4 LIFE. We are leading the way in this very important field and are proud to be partnering with some of the world’s foremost experts in DNA and gut health to study the microbiomes of our patients.  The research and findings into gut health has exploded in recent times and as a result people all over the world are becoming more aware that the gut plays a critical role in their overall health. Yet sadly, the world of oncology has been slow to respond and still mostly chooses to focus on chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. At SPDT 4 LIFE we are committed to bringing the most cutting-edge, evidence-based, safest therapies to our patients and the Gut Microbiome Test is just one example of that.

vPatients simply collect a small amount of stool sample using our special kit, the sample is sequenced at the lab and results returned to our doctors.  We are then able to help patients to re-balance the gut flora and boost their immune system by removing what should not be there and replenishing with what should be there. The study and work we will be doing with our patients and their gut microbiomes is ground-breaking and has huge implications for the future treatment of cancer patients everywhere.

The Genomic Wellness Test & Gut Microbiome Tests are game-changing and allow us to tailor personalised medicine therapies for each individual patient in a way that has never been done before. We can then combine this invaluable knowledge with other personalised information derived via more tests. Some of these tests are related to such things as food and exercise and how they can impact inflammation and the immune system.

We will look more closely at these and other tests like the Cancer Sensitivity Test in next month’s newsletter. Stay tuned.