All people that are making the trip will need to have a current valid passport that has at least 6 months until expiry beyond your return date to Australia and at least 2 blank visa pages. If you do not have a current valid passport then you will need to get one.  You can get hardcopy forms from the Post Office or you can complete an online application at

You will need to lodge your application in person and will need to make an appointment for an interview to do so at the Post Office. Certain documents – such as a full birth certificate – and passport photos are required to complete your application. Please check the passport website to make sure you have everything required for the interview process.    

The cost of renewing or getting a new passport will vary depending on the type of passport you request. The costs are listed on the website under fees.

There is a priority processing service available that guarantees that your passport will be produced within 2 business days of the department

receiving everything they need from you.  If you would like to take advantage of this service, then be sure to check this option on your application and advise the staff at Australia Post when you have your interview. The cost for priority processing is currently an additional AUD $127.  This may change so be sure to check the website for latest fees.

If you have any questions regarding your passport the team at helloworld Rowville or staff at Australia Post can assist you with this information.



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