Rejuvenate – SPDT 4 LIFE Newsletter – August 2016

Rejuvenate August 2016

Life is a precious gift. Sadly these days this point often appears forgotten. With all the wars, terror attacks, and other tragic deaths – life seems cheapened and it’s immense value lost. May be it’s a product of the information age we live in, where through all forms of media we are bombarded by news and images of death across the world – perhaps we have become desensitised. It has become commonplace.

At SPDT 4 LIFE at the Golden Sand Bay hospital the opposite is true. Here life is highly valued and people fight for life with everything they have. No one is taking it for granted.

Patients come from all over the world often as their last hope when doctors elsewhere have given up on them and told them there is nothing more that can be done for them. At SPDT 4 LIFE Dr. Wang and his exceptional medical team welcome these precious lives and give them hope and the promise that they will fight hard for them and do all they can to extend their life and give them more quality time with their loved ones. Time other doctors said they would never have.


Dr. Wang is passionate about this and had dedicated his life to helping those who have been given no hope elsewhere.
Hence the motto of SPDT 4 LIFE – “Restore Hope, Restore Life”.

SPDT 4 LIFE Party – Celebrating Life 


On July 23, 2016, a group of such patients and their loved ones were joined by the medical team and friends at a party to celebrate and commemorate the opening of the new SPDT 4 LIFE VIP ward in the Oncology Department of Golden Sand Bay Hospital.

Whilst it would not be common practice to see such a lavish party and people laughing, singing and having a great time in a cancer ward – SPDT 4 LIFE is not your typical treatment centre.

On this night people sang loudly, laughed heartily and happily celebrated life.


Dianne read a poem she had written affectionately for her son, who is suffering from sarcoma. She expressed her sweet blessings for him.

Anthony tells jokes with his special kind of humor to make his wife laugh heartily.

With his lively rhythm and unrestrained voice, Renzo’s singing lifts the spirits of everyone present.

Lighthearted games such as “Anth Says” and “Lucky Draw” added to the joyous atmosphere and kept everyone smiling.

These happy times are an important part of the patients treatment. Being in good spirits and nurturing a positive attitude is an integral part of Dr. Wang’s philosophy. Negative thoughts and vibes are counterproductive to the holistic approach adhered to at SPDT 4 LIFE. Which is why regular social events are undertaken.

Friday nights are usually nights to socialise – sometimes it might be “Roast Night”. Saturday or Sunday nights can be Yum Cha or “Dumpling Night” where the VIP team – including doctors- cook and show the residents how to make traditional Chinese dumplings. Patient’s birthdays are always celebrated with a cake and party. Excursions to the botanic gardens, the zoo or karaoke at KTV are regular occurrences for those willing and able to attend. These all serve to lift the spirits of the patients and “pep them up” during their rigorous treatment schedule and have proven to be both popular and beneficial for the patients and all involved at SPDT 4 LIFE.

But we mustn’t forget the reason why these patients have travelled to Golden Sand Bay Hospital – their battle with cancer has led them here in hopes that the unique and innovative treatment method SPDT will help them win this fight.

To fight cancer, great courage, determination and faith amongst other things are essential. SPDT is more an evidence based treatment than a dream for patients to pin their hopes on, but at a time when all hope has been crushed with a “terminal” diagnosis then SPDT can be that bright light that gives these abandoned and fragile lives the faith and confidence to fight to regain their health.

Lives once stripped bare are renewed and happiness is restored, giving everyone on that July night great reason to celebrate and sing loudly.

Here we cherish and celebrate this precious gift that is life and appreciate everything and everyone who make it brighter and fulfilled.

At SPDT 4 LIFE we fight with everything we have for time. Precious time and precious lives that others once said we would not have.