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Currency Exchange

We suggest that you should change at least a small amount of cash to the Chinese currency – Yuan Renminbi – known as ‘Yuan’ or ‘RMB’ before you leave Australia. It will be handy to have local currency at the airport in case you want to buy a drink or a snack  – or just for contingencies. Plus you will need to pay the driver for the transfer to the hospital, which is RMB200. (The abbreviation of Chinese currency is CNY on the currency markets and is identified using this symbol ¥.) As a rough guide AUD$1 = CYN ¥5, but you will be able to get an up-to-the minute exchange rate on such websites as

If you have any questions or need assistance with currency exchange please ask the team at helloworld Rowville.

We trust that this covers all of the information that you require to organise your trip to China. We hope this has made the process streamlined and easy for you, at a time that you have so many other more important things to focus on.

If you do have any questions or if we can help you in anyway, please do not hesitate to contact Lucy and the team at SPDT 4 LIFE or the team at helloworld Rowville – we are all only too happy to help you at anytime.



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