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Our Patient Advocate Network (PAN) is just another way that SoSDT 4 LIFE is revolutionising the way cancer is being treated.
In essence, PAN is an international network of allied health professionals that collectively support our patients through all stages of their treatment. This is an area of patient care that is very much needed, but has been neglected until now. SoSDT 4 LIFE is proud to take the lead in this very important area and to be able to bring these revolutionary initiatives to our patients.

Whilst patients are at SoSDT 4 LIFE they have the luxury of having everything provided for them in-house. All the important aspects of their treatment are seamlessly co-ordinated and catered for – but patients cannot live in China, or in a hospital all the time. PAN has been created to help support patients when they return home and to co-ordinate and streamline the aspects of their personalised treatment protocol that they can continue at home.

Through our network of doctors, exercise physiologists, dieticians, nutritionists, naturopaths etc, we are able to continually monitor and support patients throughout their on-going care.

Our diligent team of support staff will be in regular contact with our patients to check that they are staying on top of their protocol and offer any support and assistance they may need to keep them on track to achieving optimal health.

Through PAN, patients will also be able to order the same nutritious organic paleo/ketogenic meals that was part of their treatment at SoSDT 4 LIFE in China. Food is medicine and continuing with a cancer-fighting diet is so important for cancer patients. Falling back into old habits and eating unhealthy cancer-causing foods can be so easy to do. Making these healthy meals available for our patients – delivered to their door – we hope will keep them on track and keep them healthy for many years to come – it is such an important part of their on-going treatment.

Our PAN support team can also assist patients to find local groups or classes for the mindfulness aspects of their therapy. Whether it be yoga, qi gong, meditation, book club, movie club, walking groups or any other community groups required, the team at PAN are there to help.

The majority of PAN will function via the patient login area of our website, but our support team can also be contacted via phone or email. Patients will be given a username and password that will grant them access to a private and secure section of the website, where all the resources and information they require are available – manual included. Their medical history and details of their treatment protocol will all be there under their personalised ID, so that they can refer back to any notes or instructions that their medical or support team have made.

Everything is there at the touch of a button and available to patients at anytime they need it. We are also working on developing an app to make access to this information even easier for our VIP patients.

With the patient’s consent, all doctors, health professionals and support team members involved in the treatment and ongoing care of a patient, will be able to access the patient’s file in real time. Meaning that communication of information between all parties is optimal.

Test results, scans, treatment plans and patient notes can be updated live to the patient’s file, so that all those involved in the patient’s care can be fully aware of the patient’s condition at all times. This is a revolutionary way of caring for patients and it ensures the highest level of care. All those involved in the patient’s care can communicate and make recommendations for any changes to a treatment plan, based on the information provided by other members of the patient’s team.

It is particularly helpful for doctors and practitioners treating the patients at home, to have access to all the medical files and information on their treatment whilst they were in China and vice versa. The doctors and team in China are so pleased that they will be able to easily monitor the ongoing treatment and condition of patients when they return home, which will allow them to make informed decisions and recommendations if and when needed.

PAN is all about providing the best care possible in order to help our patients maintain optimal health and to live happy, healthy, long and fulfilled lives. We are so proud to be be able support our cherished patients in this unique and ground-breaking way.



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