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The main services of International medical center include specialist out-patient department, admission and in-patient ward for VIP patients and advanced health check. We operate the same management and clinical system as western countries and Hong Kong. Over 100 top specialists will be available to provide treatment and consultations. The International centre is highly regarded by the community for its experience in dealing with foreign healthcare services and high standard of its specialists and recognized by many insurance companies in China and form overseas.

The International medical centre consists of 35 beds accommodated in 28 rooms, including 7 double-rooms, 19 single-room and 2 luxury suites. The standard of decoration is of five-star hotel class. Each room is equipped with a bathroom, a balcony, automatic bed, wide-screen LCD, telephone and other living facilities. Pharmacy, diagnostic room and cashier provide one-stop services including registration, diagnostics, treatment, dispensary and payment which minimized waiting time spent on waiting.

International medical center

All the medical staffs in the International medical centre inherits the traditions of Patient needs first and will be dedicated to serving the patients in need with care and better, efficient and more.

In the International medical centre, other service including:

  • 24 hours nursing care and all examination will be accompanied by nurses
  • Medical consultation by any specialist doctors and MDT in the hospital are available
  • English and Japanese translation service are available during examination and treatment
  • Coordination of medical evacuation
  • Coordination of admission or referral to other hospital if needed
  • Travel arrangement, tickets reservation, visa extension
  • Food and beverage supplies by orders
  • Transportation arrangement (fees applied)
  • Tourist and travel agent accommodation
  • Internet, fax, printing and couriers etc.

Medical staffs in the international medical centre

Medical Service Detail

VIP Medical Service: Request for medical consultation by a specific specialist doctor of the hospital; 24-hours nursing care and nurse will accompany you during the examination.

Translation Service: our ward provides translation and interpretation during the examination and treatment. (English and Japanese)

General medical care: Out-patient and Hospitalization. Emergency service for Membership.

Referral to in-house specialists if required

Coordination of medical evacuation

Coordination of admission or referral to hospital

Immunization and Vaccination

Annual health check-ups and Healthcare plan



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