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Methods of Lung Cancer Treatment

It’s not the end of the World if you are diagnosed with Lung Cancer. But it could be a lost battle if not treated at the earliest stage. A person once detected with a cancerous tumor undergoes various tests and as per the conditions of the patient like immunity level and strength of the body, doctors suggest the type of treatment needed.

The standard methods of cancer treatments are Chemotherapy, Surgery and Radiotherapy. But they are not the only factors that helps in the recovery of a patient. Love and affection of near and dear ones play an equally important role just as medicines. These patients undergo a complete change in their lifestyles and care can help them preserve the determination to fight lung cancer. The treatment start only after following these steps:

First Step:

Screening helps in the early detection of lung cancer making the treatment easier and with a high probability of complete recovery. It has been noted by the scientists and surgeons that, by the time symptoms show up, the tumor found in lungs have already spread and developed into the second or third stage. It’s the very reason why this cancer is considered serious around the globe and screening helps keep a check on the increasing numbers.

Second Step:

Staging is where your doctor locates the tumor and then finds out its size keeping an account of how much it has spread. Some call this process a prognosis. Although doctors choose the best treatment procedure judging from their experience, patients or the people caring for the patient should understand that no one can clearly say how the cancerous cell will react to the treatment.

Third Step:

Tumour testing is done to examine the tumour tissues and determine their nature. Its quite helpful in planning the entire treatment process if the reason behind the growth of these unhealthy and uncontrolled cells can be found. But its not necessary to go for this step unless your doctor suggests.

Then the standard procedures come into picture. After much analysis, tests and speculations one of the methods from chemotherapy, surgery or radiotherapy is used to start the treatment. But there is a catch. These methods come with side-effects that only adds up to the pain of the patient.

SoSDT 4 LIFE offers patients a range of natural alternative Cancer treatments. One of those is SDT (Sonodynamic Therapy) which is a non-toxic method and has no side-effects. The hospital has been successfully using this therapy to help lung cancer patients recover with impressive results.

For the Patient:

It often helps to understand your cancer and be determined to fight it. Its natural to be afraid and easier to give in to negative vibes but in the end you win if you accept and face it. So always try and try harder to be active and think positive.




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