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Site-Specific Chemotherapy

Basically, SoSDT 4 LIFE follows non-invasive options to treat most kinds of cancers. For bulky tumor sizes or metastasized tumors, site-specific treatment options are mainly preferred. Reason being the overgrown tumor becomes unresponsive to any kind of radiation or chemotherapy.

Sometimes, patients taking chemotherapy medications orally does not entirely turn out to be effective in treating their Cancer. In such cases, site-specific chemotherapy is followed as an Initial procedure that will result in debulking the tumor. Later, prognosis analyzed reports are to decide the adjuvant procedure to cure the rest of the tumor.

The Procedure

A micro catheter (thin, flexible tube) is inserted into the body, to the region affected with cancer. The catheter can be inserted through any opening in the body from where the cancerous area can be reached easily.

As the catheter finds the tumor location, it delivers the chemotherapy directly to the tumor through an upstream artery. The catheter is then pulled back out from the body of the patient.


Site-specific chemotherapy is a highly suggested form of treatment of breast, head, neck, and cancer of few other regions. It focuses on a particular cancer affected area and de-bulks the size of the tumor, which clears the path for applying other forms of cancer therapies. This treatment has great advantages and helps in the following ways:

  • Preventing the Cancer cells from invading the other organs of the body
  • Minimizing the toxicity levels of other parts of the body
  • Increases the likelihood of response from the tumor to the high dosed drugs

SoSDT 4 LIFE offers site-specific treatments for various cancer kinds and under controlled environment using high-tech delivery systems. The chemotherapeutic agents used in the process are from established providers and has shown great outcomes in many cases. The patient’s consent is however, achieved prior to getting on with the therapy.




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