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Long Term Therapies

Except when cured by surgery, cancer is best regarded as a chronic illness which needs ongoing long term treatment to prevent or at least delay cancer recurrence. Diabetes is a similar disease, requiring ongoing treatment for the rest of the patient’s life.

The problem is that current mainstream therapies are usually not suitable for this purpose. With some exceptions, they are too toxic and individual drugs lose efficacy.

After extensive research, SoSDT 4 LIFE has identified four additional treatments which, at reasonable cost, can safely be used indefinitely to maintain an attack on any cancer remaining after SDT. All have evidence of efficacy in controlling cancer, some with outstanding evidence. They include:

  • A recently available neutraceutical (high dose nutrient) which corrects an important nutritional deficiency.
  • An immune stimulant, to improve the body’s resistance to cancer.
  • A widely used and safe drug, to reduce the cancer cells food supply.
  • A hormone to correct a major hormonal deficiency. This has voluminous research showing outstanding benefits with cancer.

This program will be explained to patients while at SoSDT 4 LIFE. They are strongly advised to continue this program indefinitely, but with some components reduced to maintenance doses when there is no evidence of remaining cancer.




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