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Breast Cancer Treatment & Prevention

Women getting diagnosed with breast cancer is not a new update for anyone now. There has been a great rise in the number of women getting diagnosed with cancer worldwide. It has now become one of the most popular cancers among females, especially in the United States. According to world health organization, the breast cancer cases has now surpassed other related cancers till now. And can be eradicated and controlled to a greater extent if detected at an early stage.

Percentage of increase in cancer is now mainly sighted in countries like China and USA. Previously, Chinese women have lower rates of breast cancer as compared to women in countries like United States, Belgium, Denmark etc. But over past few decades, breast cancer incidences are increasing more in China at an alarming rate than USA. Few survey results show rise of breast cancer in USA and China with ASWRs of 76.0 and 21.6 per 1,00,000 respectively.

Some ways of preventing breast cancer:

Below are some of the steps that can help you reducing the risk of breast cancer:

Loose the belly fat: The body fat adds estrogen storage to your body. So, the more fats you have or the more heavier you are the more harmful estrogen your body will produce. So, a moderate weight loss can even lower the risk of breast cancer.

Limit alcohol: Drinking alcohol increases the risk of cancer even more. Overweight and postmenopausal women consuming alcohol are more in a danger zone of getting attacked with cancer. So, in order to keep the risk of breast cancer low, limiting cocktails would be the best solution.

Take time to De-stress: Stress, loneliness are also the major factors for increasing the risk of cancer. It leads to development of aggressive tumors in any part of the body paving the path for cancer. So, getting your stress under control can help you lowering cancer’s risk.

Foods that prevent cancer like green vegetables and vitamin rich fruits can help in potentially lowering the risk of cancer. So to get rid of such a malicious disease, you must follow the healthy diet chart like consuming tomato rich diets, foods rich in carotenoids, intaking cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, kale etc. Also in-taking certain types of mushrooms like shitake, maitake and reishi builds the immune system thereby preventing cancer cells from further multiplying.




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