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The SoSDT 4 LIFE team is comprised of doctors, nurses, interpreters, administration, management and support staff. All are fully committed and dedicated to providing the best possible care to their VIP patients. They are an extremely kind, friendly, happy and hard working group of people, that will go above and beyond the call of duty to help their patients with anything they may need.

All of the doctors are Chinese, but do speak English – some better than others – so communicating with them is not usually a problem. Our nurses speak varying degrees of English, but there is always at least one of our fabulous interpreters on duty at all times, so if patients ever need any assistance communicating with the doctors or anyone else, these wonderful girls are there to help.

During the day the SoSDT 4 LIFE halls are bustling with doctors, nurses and interpreters. At night there is always at least one doctor on duty and the nurse’s station is also manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Interpreters are available or on call 24/7 if patients ever need them. Anytime of the day or night our team is ready, willing and able to assist.


The doctors at SoSDT 4 LIFE are renowned for their expertise, professionalism, diligence, kindness, compassion and commitment to leaving no stone unturned when fighting to save a patient’s life. The thoughtful way in which they interact with patients and their families has won them the respect and admiration of all those that come to SoSDT 4 LIFE. This is a conscious commitment to an ethos that starts at the top with our esteemed leader Dr Wang and is instilled in all those that work in his team.

Dr. Jianping WANG
Dr. Jianping WANGPrincipal, Surgery Department
Dr Peixuan ZHU
Dr Peixuan ZHUVice Principal, International Medical Department
Dr. Hongfeng ZHOU
Dr. Hongfeng ZHOUVice Principal, Director of Gastrointestinal Surgery
Professor Dr. Xiaohuai Wang, M.D
Professor Dr. Xiaohuai Wang, M.DPrincipal
Dr. Yan Zhao, M.D.
Dr. Yan Zhao, M.D.Oncologist, Vice-Principal
Dr. Kun Li
Dr. Kun LiMBChB, MRCP Onco
Dr. Weizhong WANG
Dr. Weizhong WANGDirector of Interventional Chemo Team
Dr Hui MENGDirector of Chinese Herbal Medicine Department
Dr. Bindong CAO
Dr. Bindong CAODirector of International Medical Department
Dr. Jun CHEN
Dr. Jun CHENDirector of Radiotherapy Department
Dr. Shasha WANG
Dr. Shasha WANGDirector of Ultrasound Imaging Department
Dr Zhiyang ZHOU
Dr Zhiyang ZHOUDirector of Imaging Department
Dr. Shilin ZHAN
Dr. Shilin ZHANDirector of Hepatological Surgery Department
Dr. Weimin DENG
Dr. Weimin DENGDirector of Rehabilitation Department
Dr. Wenjie XIONG
Dr. Wenjie XIONGDirector of Hematology Department
Dr. Deping LIU
Dr. Deping LIUDirector of Gamma Knife
Dr. Jian QIU
Dr. Jian QIUDirector of Vasculocardiovascular Department
Dr. Xiaopeng ZHANG
Dr. Xiaopeng ZHANGDirector of Neurosurgery Department
Dr. Zhenxian Chen
Dr. Zhenxian ChenDirector of Respiratory Department
Dr. Xiaodong CHEN
Dr. Xiaodong CHENDirector of Pathology Department


Our interpreters are a crucial and highly valued part of the SoSDT 4 LIFE team. In reality they are much more than translators. Due to patients reliance on interpreters for communication, they tend to spend a lot of time with the translators, so much so that many patients have become so close to this team that it is often remarked they “consider them family”. They play a diverse range of roles and essentially are there to assist patients with any request they may have. Interpreters are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our current team of fabulous interpreters has been chosen for their varied personalities, intelligence, competence, kindness and beautiful nature that fits with the ethos and commitment fostered by Dr Wang.


The nursing staff at SoSDT 4 LIFE, play a vital role in patient care. As with all the members of the SoSDT 4 LIFE family, they must fit with the team ethos and play their part with commitment to excellence, kindness and compassion.

The nurses are allocated to tasks that best fit with their personalities and strengths – an initiative implemented by head nurse FangFang Lin – that ensures high standards and an enjoyable, happy environment for staff and patients.

The senior nurses work closely with the doctors to ensure excellence and a high standard of care is maintained at all times. They also partner with interpreters if and when detailed communication is required with patients.



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