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Recent studies claim that up to 90% of all cancers are now lifestyle induced. Smoking, drinking alcohol, being obese, a sedentary lifestyle, stress, lack of quality sleep, too much sun exposure, exposure to toxins, are all factors that experts agree can cause and enhance cancer. For cancer patients it is most important that they eliminate any cancer-enhancing practices and replace them with cancer-fighting ones. Our goal is to not only teach our patients how to best do this and beat cancer, but to also help them achieve optimal health.

This is the basis for our holistic therapies program – EDUCATE, ELIMINATE, REJUVENATE.

At SoSDT 4 LIFE we EDUCATE the patients about what they shouldn’t do (ELIMINATE) and just as importantly what they should do (REJUVENATE) to best help them fight cancer.  We do this in two main ways –

  1. Holistic Health Programs – established in conjunction with world leading experts in their fields our programs cover such areas as diet, gut health, exercise therapy, mindfulness, sleep therapy, supplementation & elimination.
  2. Manual – each patient is issued a manual that they are required to read during their stay. We instruct patients to take the manual home and to refer back to it regularly – to help keep them on track to maintaining optimal health.

We believe ongoing care is such an important factor for our patient’s health that we have created our own support team (PAN – Patient Advocate Network) that will monitor and assist patients when they leave our hospital, to ensure that they are adhering to the cancer-fighting lifestyle and doing all they can to return to optimal health.

PAN and these new programs combined with our already extensive range of evidence–based traditional and alternative treatment options, will ensure that SoSDT 4 LIFE is providing a revolutionary service that many patients the world over are crying out for. We are proud to be able to bring this world leading strategy in non-toxic, holistic cancer care to the many patients that need it and in doing so help them to live, long, happy, healthy and fulfilled lives.



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