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Dr Margaret Smith is a molecular geneticist with over 20 years experience in neurogenetics and cancer genetics.

A brilliant scientist, she has worked in major teaching hospitals in both Australia and New Zealand. Margaret has helped develop methods to enable cost-effective breast cancer screening in diagnostic laboratories in Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

In 2009, Margaret became the co-founder of a nutritional genomics company called smartDNA. smartDNA has developed assays that have a known nutrient interaction with the human genome. This testing is provided by registered Health Practitioners for the purpose of personalised preventative health whereby nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle interventions can have a positive effect.

In the last 2 years smartDNA has developed a smartGUT Test to analyse the human gut microbiome and a curated human microbiome database to enable accurate detection of the bacteria present.

In 2016 smartDNA established smartLAB in the translational facility located at Monash MHTP in Clayton, Victoria, Australia. This laboratory offers a range of services including DNA extractions, Genomic Analysis, Clinical Trials, Bioinformatics, Research and Development and Product validation.

Margaret recently published with Harlequin an easy read book entitled ‘Gene Genius’ which covers nutritional genomics and other aspects of the human genome in relation to environment and lifestyle for preventative health.  




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