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SoSDT 4 LIFE at Golden Sand Bay, really is unlike any cancer treatment centre you have ever seen, for reasons we have already mentioned and for the wonderful, warm and welcoming environment.

Unlike most other hospitals SoSDT 4 LIFE encourages and makes accommodations for companions to accompany patients during their treatment. Family or friends – or even both – are warmly welcomed to SoSDT 4 LIFE and collectively referred to as carers. One carer is typical for most patients, but providing there is room, additional family or friends can also be accommodated.

The rooms are generous in size and are really more like hotel rooms than a traditional hospital room, so there is plenty of room to share with a carer, if patients chose to bring one – or more. A conscious effort has been made to include as many of the creature comforts of home that a patient might want or need. We are cognisant of the fact that patients and carers will spend a considerable amount of time in these rooms, so we have tried to make them as comfortable as possible.

Each standard room has:

Hospital beds, flat-screen television, refrigerator, desk, table and chairs, cupboards, closet, clock, steriliser, kettle, crockery, cutlery, glasses, mugs, water filter and a private ensuite.

Larger suites also have a separate lounge and dining area.

Air-conditioning – All rooms are individually air-conditioned so that patients can tailor the temperature to their liking.

Laundry – A laundry room is also provided for those that prefer to do their own laundry. Alternatively we do provide a service for those who would like their items washed and ironed for them.

Wi-FI – Free WI-FI is available in all patient rooms and on the 12th floor ward.

ATM & Convenience Store – There is an ATM and Mini Mart on the ground floor of the hospital’s main building.

The E Coffer Shop is located on the ground floor of the main building. This is where patients, carers and staff can relax and catch up for a chat. There are multiple couches, tables and chairs, a television with a set top box, books, magazines, and more.

The E Coffer Shop is where we hold our famous SoSDT 4 LIFE events. Themed dinner nights such as, ‘Roast Night’, or ‘Chinese Night’, Birthday Parties etc are all held here.

SoSDT 4 LIFE Patient Welfare Program – Dr Wang and his team try to nurture an upbeat, happy environment for all that come to this unique ward. The SoSDT 4 LIFE ‘Patient Welfare Program’ was created to foster this ethos and includes taking patients on excursions to places like the zoo, parks, gardens and other local sights. Traditional western holidays such as Easter and Christmas are celebrated each year, as well as Chinese holidays like Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival. All of this is designed to bring patients joy and happiness and bring people together in a fun and positive setting – which can only be good for their health.

Patient Feedback Surveys – Never content to rest on our laurels, the team at SoSDT 4 LIFE are always interested in ways we can improve our service and do things better for our patients. The interpreters conduct surveys with patients and carers asking for their feedback and suggestions. There is also a ‘Suggestions Box’ that patients can drop notes in. Most importantly though, staff are always available to help or discuss anything at anytime, with patients and carers.



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