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At SoSDT 4 LIFE we understand that having cancer is a stressful and difficult time for patients and their families – and that this can be further compounded by having to travel to China for treatment. As such we are always looking at ways we can help to reduce that stress and offer assistance to our patients and their families during these times.  In an effort to make the process of travelling to SoSDT 4 LIFE as easy as possible, we are proud to announce that we have partnered with one of Australia’s most awarded travel agencies – helloworld Rowville – to guide and assist patients & carers with all their visa, travel and insurance related requirements.

Introducing helloworld Rowville

The team at helloworld Rowville have had decades of experience in all facets of travel and are extremely friendly, caring and professional.

helloworld Rowville is located at Shop 105, 1091 Stud Road, Rowville Victoria 3178. Phone: +61 3 9764 8487.

Whilst any of the excellent 11 staff at helloworld Rowville will be able to assist travellers, we have assembled a special team of 3 very experienced travel agents to work with our VIP SoSDT 4 LIFE guests. Patients will most likely be dealing with one or more of these ladies during this process.  They are:

Rebecca Shady – rebecca.rowville@helloworld.com.au

Karen Vella – karen.rowville@helloworld.com.au

Mandy Gargano – mandy.rowville@helloworld.com.au

The helloworld Rowville team are familiar with the procedures and protocols of SoSDT 4 LIFE and what is required when travelling to China. Most importantly they are compassionate and understanding of the circumstances under which our VIP guests are travelling. This can give great comfort and confidence to patients and their families, at a time when they have far more important things to focus on. Being able to hand all of this process off to an experienced and understanding team, so that you have one less thing to worry about, can be a godsend.

In addition to making sure that everything our patients need is in place for their trip, helloworld Rowville can also help with any sightseeing, accommodation or travel arrangements patients and carers may need whilst in China. Patients have planned “time off” between cycles of treatment and often choose to take this time to get away from the hospital and explore other parts of China. Macau and Hong Kong are also popular destinations.

Having an experienced travel agent who speaks English and is able to take care of your travel needs whilst in a foreign country is invaluable. Being able to send an email or pick up the phone and just get things done is a relief and comforting to many. We are happy to be able to make this process easier for our cherished patients and give them one less thing to worry about.

The team at SoSDT 4 LIFE are proud to be associated with helloworld Rowville and together we look forward to supporting and assisting our VIP patients and their loved ones for many years to come.

For a ‘Travel Information Pack’ which includes step-by-step instructions and documents to guide you through all that is required to travel to SoSDT 4 LIFE in China, please contact Lucy Li at admin@cancertherapies.cc

This pack is also available to download in our ‘Patients Login’ member’s area for those who have booked their treatment at SoSDT 4 LIFE.


Rebecca Shady


Karen Vella


Mandy Gargano



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