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Mesothelioma Treatment Options

SoSDT 4 LIFE provides advanced treatments for mesothelioma, a type of cancer which affects those exposed to asbestos. some of which are possible at just a couple of cancer centers in the world. When we treat mesothelioma, we likewise concentrate on personal satisfaction. To do this, we draw upon mesothelioma treatments that may incorporate specific and less-invasive surgical strategies.

There are three conventional types of treatment for patients with threatening mesothelioma. Regularly two or more of these are joined over the span of treatment:


Two major types of surgery for mesothelioma:

    • Pleurectomy includes peeling the tumor away from the stomach, lung and chest wall yet leaving these structures intact.
    • Extrapleural pneumonectomy is considered to have the best chance of whole tumor removal. It allows other therapies or treatments to be given with less hazard to different other organs.


Chemotherapy, which uses drugs to destroy cancer cells, may be used both before and post- surgery, also a treatment for those patients who are not fit to undergo surgery.

Radiation Therapy:

Generally called radiotherapy, radiation therapy uses high-energy beams, for example, x-rays to wipe out harmful mesothelioma cells. To some degree like chemotherapy, radiotherapy is not commonly seen as a healing methodology; rather, it is implemented in consolidation with surgical methods and with the purpose of treating the symptoms. More often, radiotherapy is performed individually to a confined portion of concern, instead of the whole physique.

In most late stage of mesothelioma, surgery, radiation are not applicable and chemotherapy becomes ineffective after many cycles.

Alternative therapies for mesothelioma may be helpful to reduce side-effects of traditional cancer treatment, for example, massage and meditation. They may help your overall management plan, helping you better deal with the anxiety and strain of the illness and traditional treatments.

Our Mesothelioma Clinical Trials

Since SoSDT 4 LIFE is one of the Guangdong’s well known research centers, we’re well equipped to offer research studies of new treatments and therapies to numerous patients with mesothelioma. We are one of the few cancer hospitals in the world with a committed clinical project on mesothelioma, particularly for patients whom are failed with conventional therapies. The specialists who treat mesothelioma at our healing facility are researchers who have pioneered and led national and global clinical trials. And, together we improve an extensive mesothelioma treatment that works for you. Your personalized plan will incorporate  up-to-date clinical treatments combined with unified oncology services to help lessen side-effects and keep you fit.




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