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Follow Up – At Home Treatment

One of the fundamental weaknesses of standard treatments for metastatic cancer is that they typically cannot be continued indefinitely.

While chemotherapy and radiotherapy may shrink tumors, they are too toxic to be used over an extended period. Moreover, radiotherapy and much of the chemotherapy treatments must be carried out in a clinic or hospital, adding inconvenience and expense to the process.

Dosages are usually limited due to toxicity and in the case of chemotherapy the drugs typically lose their effectiveness after a period of time. Many patients end up getting a few months of treatment before nothing more can be done and they are inevitably sent home to pretty much hope for the best.

SoSDT 4 LIFE has chosen an entirely different approach.

At SoSDT 4 LIFE, most of the cancer load is safely removed while the patients concurrently begin treatments which not only directly attack the remaining cancer but make the body hostile to the cancer.

These cancer treatments can be easily, safely and inexpensively carried out at home and include:

  • a mixture of compounds which selectively generate cancer killing metabolites in cancer cells;
  • an effective immune stimulant, proven to make the body hostile to cancer and therefore inhibit cancer growth;
  • a safe drug to limit the cancer cells’ ability to feed and grow.



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