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More people than ever are developing cancer – there has to be a reason for that. The World Health Organisation and other leading health agencies all agree, that the majority of cancers these days are lifestyle induced or due to environmental factors – and we are not just talking cigarettes and alcohol. To prevent or fight cancer, it makes perfect sense to eliminate all the cancer-inducing lifestyle and environmental factors possible.

There are now more chemicals and toxins in our water, food, skin care & hair products, cleaning products, even in the air we breath and the environment we live in – than at any other time in our history.

We have already addressed eliminating cancer-enhancing inflammatory or toxic foods from the diet and replacing them with organic cancer-fighting foods – the same needs to be done with all the other toxic substances in our environment.

With so many chemicals and carcinogens everywhere, it can be quite hard work to identify, eliminate and replace them all –  but it can and should be done. These toxins can build up in the body and be extremely harmful – causing or enhancing cancer.  We recommend that those with cancer should aim to replace all toxic items as soon as possible.  When fighting to beat cancer, no risks can afford to be taken; it just makes sense to eliminate anything and everything that could feed the disease.

We encourage patients to seek out natural and organic products at every opportunity. There is no good reason to put chemicals in – or on your body – when there are such wonderful natural organic alternatives available.

At SoSDT 4 LIFE we have dedicated a chapter in our manual to this very important subject. We teach our patients about known carcinogens, what things to avoid and suggest safer options to replace them with.

We have also set a goal to eliminate as many chemicals and toxins as possible from our floor at Golden Sand Bay Hospital – which is quite a challenge for a hospital – however we are committed to achieving this goal. Our first step is to provide organic soaps, hair and beauty products for our patients and the rest will follow soon after.



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