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Natural Immune Reconstruction

Natural Immune Reconstruction Concept

This combination therapy utilizes natural remedies to rebuild and boost the patient’s immune system. Enhancing the body’s ability to destroy cancer cells, this treatment helps to gradually restore patients to optimal health.

Benefits of Natural Immune Reconstruction

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) formulas of herbal tea, topical creams, and supplements combine to form the Natural Immune Reconstruction protocol. The powerful benefits of this formula include:

1. Strengthens the immune system to fight against cancer and various infections
2. Improves appetite, physical strength & quality of sleep and normalizes stools
3. Reduces post-surgery recovery times
4. Significantly reduces the adverse effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy
5. Maintains the immune system at high levels to reduce the chance of recurrence post-surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy
6. Boosts the patient’s overall health, which allows for a greater range of treatment options for advanced cancer patients – options that may not be available to the more frail.
7. Improves the quality of life and prolongs the life span of patients
8. Increases the overall chance of survival for patients.

Cancer Immunotherapy

Why Choose SoSDT 4 LIFE?

SoSDT 4 LIFE is a cancer research and treatment center that has developed new and better ways of improving immune defenses and giving it an upper hand against cancer. With the aid of clinical developments and constant scientific discovery, we are working to make this therapy a durable cancer treatment process.




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