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Optimal health requires all elements within the body to be functioning at their best. In cancer patients there are clearly many things that have not been working optimally and have compounded to bring on the disease. As we have said before, cancer does not occur  in isolation, it usually takes many mutations and things to go wrong for the disease to flourish.

Through our comprehensive testing regime, our team can identify where there may be deficiencies in the systems that could be contributing to cancer growth and can be corrected via our range of therapies. Such issues as vitamin or mineral deficiencies can cause health problems. – vitamin D is a perfect example of this. Low levels of vitamin D has been found to be associated with tumour progression and metastasis in some forms of cancer.

Our doctors will analyse each individuals test results, identify any deficiencies that may be corrected with supplementation and will then prescribe the necessary products to help return them to optimal health. Supplements may take the form of herbs (like in Traditional Chinese Medicines), intravenous medicines or injections (such as a vitamin B-12 shots), or the more common tablets and capsules.



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