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Accredited Exercise Physiologists – Movement Against Cancer

The newest additions to our PAN team are Accredited Exercise Physiologists Kate Williams and Danae Bradley from Movement Against Cancer (MAC).

Both Kate and Danae share our ethos, vision, values and plan to bring the best possible holistic cancer treatment options to cancer patients around the world. They too keep up to date with the latest research and put into practice safe, evidence-based, cutting-edge therapies that are tailored to the individual patients.

SoSDT 4 LIFE has been working with Professor Rob Newton from the Exercise Medicine Research Institute at Edith Cowan University in Perth to bring an Exercise Therapy Zone to our treatment centre. Whilst this program is not yet fully up and running our doctors do encourage patients to exercise in our temporary exercise area and work with their Accredited Exercise Physiologists at home to start them on a program as soon as possible.

The benefits of exercise – for everyone – are well documented but it is the new research that has been done by the likes of Professor Newton and his colleagues that is exciting for us in the oncology sector. Exercise has been shown to boost the immune system and also to stimulate muscles to produce cancer fighting chemicals. Certain types of exercise have also been shown to be better for certain types of cancer which is why an individually tailored exercise program developed by experts is so important.

Kate and Danae from Movement Against Cancer are excellent Accredited Exercise Physiologists who specialise in exercise oncology. They will be able to tailor programs for our patients and help strengthen their bodies which can be of significant benefit throughout all stages of treatment. Experts recommend that patients start on a tailored program as soon as they receive a cancer diagnosis, as the benefits to the patients can be so great. It can improve the ability to tolerate treatment, shorten recovery times, enhance quality of life and improve survival rates amongst other things.

We are extremely excited and proud to be working with Movement Against Cancer and to have them as a highly valued part of our PAN team.

Kate Williams – Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Since gaining her accreditation as an AEP in 2009, Kate has established herself as a highly sought after practitioner in the industry. Her passion for helping others and experience with cancer patients has lead to the development of the Movement Against Cancer program, with a mission to improve the health and wellbeing of people diagnosed with cancer. While Kate specialises in cancer treatment and recovery, she also frequently sees patients with chronic fatigue pathologies and mental health issues. Kate places a strong emphasis on maximising her own health and wellness, and is passionate about helping others to do the same.

Danae Bradley –  Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Having worked in the sport and exercise industry for over 10 years, and as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist for the past 7 years, Danae has gained a wealth of experience in the industry she loves. Combining her educational and professional experiences, Danae established DNA Health Group with a mission to help others achieve optimal health and quality of life, by providing the highest level of exercise treatment available. As a professional dancer, Danae is passionate about postural correction, balance training and core stability, as well as musculoskeletal rehabilitation and chronic disease management.



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