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Who is travelling to China

You will need to let Lucy know who will be making the trip. Is it just the patient – or will there be a carer/s accompanying the patient? Please complete the booking form at Attachment A titled ‘HWR – SPDT4LIFE Booking Form’ so as we have all the required information needed to make the booking.

It is also very important that both the teams at SPDT 4 LIFE and helloworld Rowville know the condition of the patient for travel purposes. If the patient requires special assistance – such as wheelchair or anything else – then please make a note of this on the last page of the form and notify both teams so that required arrangements can be made.

If the patient does not have a carer travelling with them but needs, or would like to have assistance, the team at helloworld Rowville can organise such services through a company called ‘Medical Travel Companions’. Medical Travel Companions offers transportation and concierge services that creates independence for customers who love or need to travel, but require assistance or reassurance from point to point. Please find a brochure for ‘Medical Travel Companions’ at Attachment B and ask the team at helloworld Rowville if you would like more information.



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