60 new exercises and an important new study on exercise and cancer related fatigue

Over the past 2 weeks, MyExerciseMedicine team has added 60 new exercises to the Technogym MyWellness database. There are 39 new dumbbell exercises and 13 stretch band exercises to really increase the capacity to prescribe programs with great variation but still requiring only basic equipment.

The team at MyExerciseMedicine has extensive experience and has developed a turnkey solution that is scalable from a single practitioner to a major hospital or medical company. Research in exercise medicine is prolific and rapidly changing best practice patient care.

The team at MyExerciseMedicine has more than 60 years of combined experience planning, developing and implementing exercise clinics. They can assist individual clinicians, teams, medical centers and clinics, cancer care centers, hospitals, and entire organizations realize their vision of quality, state of knowledge, best practice exercise medicine programs.

A Meta-analysis of Individual Patient Data

Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise: February 2020

Bringing together data from 31 exercise RCT’s, representing 4,366 patients the authors concluded “statistically significant beneficial effects of exercise interventions on fatigue, irrespective of demographic and clinical characteristics”. Further, supervised exercise was superior to unsupervised for reducing cancer-related fatigue. Interestingly, supervised interventions of 12 weeks or shorter were more effective than longer supervised exercise programs.

Fatigue is a common and potentially disabling symptom in patients with cancer. It can often be effectively reduced by exercise. Yet, the effects of exercise interventions might differ across subgroups. MyExerciseMedicine team has conducted a meta-analysis using individual patient data of randomized controlled trials (RCT) to investigate moderators of exercise intervention effects on cancer-related fatigue.

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