On September 11, 2018, the Gynecological Team of GSB hospital successfully operated a total hysterectomy and lymph node clearance with the use of Intelligent Da Vinci Robot, which is the first time for our hospital to use Da Vinci Robot to carry out gynecological surgery. The patient is 46 years old with cervical cancer. Bleeding was only 20ml during the three hours long operation, and the postoperative recovery was excellent. The performance of this operation means that our hospital has taken a big step towards a more minimally invasive and more accurate surgical operation, officially stepping into the “Robot Era”.

Nowadays, with an endless emerging of artificial intelligence, robots have penetrated into more and more technical fields. Da Vinci robotic surgical system is born in a medical field known for its professionalism and seriousness. With absolute advantages of less bleeding, high accuracy, this kind of surgical robot, which can be regarded as “Baymax, has been used more and more in surgery.

Surgeon operating the robot during operation Assistant change instrument during operation

The Da Vinci Surgical robot is an endoscopy surgical instrument control system. Combining with laparoscopic system and through operating the four surgical arms on the operating table, the chief surgeon can control the movement and operation of laparoscope and surgical instruments that equipped in the robot’s arms, and complete various kinds of operations. It can be said that the emergence of Da Vinci Surgical Robot liberates surgeons from the operating table.

Da Vinci Robot has many advantages:

  1. The camera system of the robot provides surgeons with clearer and vivid 3D vision. The equipped camera has high resolution and is 3 dimensional. The surgical field is magnified 10 time more than ordinary one so even small tissue can be seen.
  2. The mechanical arm has 7 angles, which can twist 540 degrees, more flexible than human’s wrist.
  3. Automatically filter tremble caused by doc’s hands and patient’s breathing. Various kinds of synchronous, precious and flexible surgical operation can be done with ease.
  4. Significantly improve surgical effect and aesthetics. Speedy post-operation recovery.

These advantages changes many flaws traditional laparoscope has like unclear vision, clumsy operation and difficulties of the operation. Thus, the robot becomes a powerful tool of surgeons.

Da Vinci Robot is one of the world’s most advanced micro invasive surgical systems. It is widely used in most of areas in surgery, which include general surgery of adult and children, thoracic surgery, urology surgery, gynecology surgery, head and neck surgery and heart surgery. Da Vinci Surgical Robot shows its superiority in very difficult operations like prostate radical operation, bladder radical operation, partial kidney resection. Clearer vision, more precious anatomy, precious operation shorten surgical time, reduce bleeding and complications, thus, patients recover quicker, and could achieve better result.