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Cancer Treatment Options in SoSDT 4 LIFE

SoSDT4Life combines a variety of traditional, Western and alternative treatment approaches to adopt the most effective treatment to meet each patient’s unique circumstances. The Center is achieving incredible results in holistic cancer treatments using herbal and traditional Chinese medicines alongside more traditional and mainstream Western medical practices.

In determining the best course of therapy for every patient, all treatments are considered and evaluated for the expect effectiveness and probability of producing the desired results. Therefore, every patient’s treatment program is different and every patient’s results are different.

Following are some of the treatments that the Center prescribes to many of its patients. Click on any of these treatment titles to read more details about each one and in which situations they might be used.


SonoDynamic Therapy (SDT)

Sono-dynamic therapy(SDT) destroys tumors in malignant cells with the combination of light and ultrasound waves being precisely administered to the affected cells. This combination destroys cancer cells in a non-invasive and non-toxic procedure, not harming the nearby healthy cells. SoSDT is a non-toxic cancer treatment that is effective with a large variety of cancers and can be repeated many times as necessary. When used as a whole-body therapy, it attacks cancer wherever it resides in the body.


Hyperthermia is a heat-based cancer treatment that uses the principle that cancer cells are more susceptible to excessive heat than normal cells. High temperatures are used to damage and kill cancer cells with minimal detrimental impact on the nearby healthy cells. This treatment is useful for patients with advanced metastases or recurrent cancer. Hypothermia treatment can be used locally, being applied to only the cancerous area, or applied to larger regions of the body or even the whole body itself. Whole body hyperthermia can cause more serious side effects.


Debulking Surgery

Debulking also known as Cytoreduction, is the surgical removal of as much of a malignant tumor as possible. It is only used in specific malignancies as a general partial removal of the tumor and it therefore used in conjunction with other treatments. Commonly used in cases where cancer has been discovered in its advance stages or when non-surgical treatments are not as effective, cytoreduction can improve the effectiveness of other treatments when used together. In this method, a part of the tumor is surgically removed first. Post surgery, other treatments can be implemented in its regular pace to treat the rest of the cancer-affected region. We suggest this treatment prior to SDT. The treatment is very useful for cancers that have reached its maturity stages.

Gamma Knife

Gamma knife is scientific named as gamma ray stereotactic radiosurgery system of the head. The principle of gamma knife is just like focusing sunlight with a magnifying glass. Nearly 200 beams of gamma rays are focused on the target with sub-millimeter accuracy, and multi-angle and large dose irradiation is performed on the lesions deep inside the roof to achieve irreversible biological effects of damaging the lesions. Each beam of radiation is very low energy, will not damage the healthy tissue in the pathway, can quietly enter the deep brain, tightly cut the lesion, its radiation treatment range and normal tissue boundary is very clear, the edge is like a knife.

Site-Specific Chemotherapy

For large or bulky tumors or highly metastasized tumors, site specific chemotherapy is sometimes the preferred treatment because overgrown tumors can become unresponsive to other radiation or chemotherapy treatments. This treatment focuses on cancer in a specific area, treating the tumor directly and debulking the size of the tumor, which opens the door for applying other therapies as a part of an overall treatment plan.

MRgFUS – MRI Guide Focused Ultrasound Knife 

MRgFUS is a new non-invasive tumor treatment technology, under the guidance of magnetic resonance imaging system, non-invasively treating gynecological uterine fibroids, bone tumors, prostate, breast and nervous system diseases.



Immunotherapy, also known as biotherapy or biological therapy, is a treatment that harnesses the body’s own healing powers and immune system to fight the cancer. Using the body’s own defense systems, immunotherapy improves and restores the immune system and empowers the body to more efficiently attack cancer cells. Immunotherapy works on a variety of cancers, offering the possibility for a long-term survival rate without causing the same side effects as radiation or chemotherapy.

Traditional Chinese Medicines

Used successfully for thousands of years, traditional Chinese medicines are commonly used in conjunction with many other forms of cancer treatments. Based around the concepts of strengthening the balance of the body’s Yin and Yang, strengthening this balance will help restore the vital functions of the body, including the immunological functions that are critical in effectively fighting cancer.

Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA)

Radio frequency ablation uses imaging guidance such as computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to place a small electrode through the skin and directly into a tumor. High frequency electrical currents are passed through the electrode into the cancer, creating heat and destroying the cancer cells. This is an effective treatment for patients who may experience difficulties with surgery or for those whose tumors are relatively small.

Long Term Therapies

Since cancer is a chronic illness, long tern therapies are sometimes the best possible treatment, used in conjunction with other therapies. SoSDT4Life uses four long term therapies that are safe to use indefinitely at a reasonable cost. These are a nutraceutical that corrects nutritional deficiency, an immune stimulant to improve the body’s resistance to cancer, a widely used drug that reduces the cancer cell’s food supply, and a hormone to correct hormonal deficiencies and restore balance to the body.

Follow Up – At Home Treatment

Even after treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy are completed, SoSDT4Life believes that ongoing treatment and prevention should continue at home. These treatments are less severe that others but serve to directly attack any remaining cancer cells as well as to make the body more hostile to cancer. These treatments include a mixture of compounds that selectively generate cancer killing metabolites, and effective immune stimulant that inhibits cancer cell growth, and a proven-safe drug that limits cancer cells’ ability to feed and grow.


Research claims that up to 90% of cancers are life style induced. SoSDT4Life offers a variety of holistic therapies that are designed to raise awareness of these poor habits, empower patients to break those habits, and begin creating a healthier life style. These holistic therapies include exercise therapy, gut health and microbiome, organic paleo and ketogenic diets, supplements to promote balance and health, mindfulness of ending the bad habits and creating better ones, natural therapies with vitamins and minerals, sleep therapy to revive and restore the body, and toxin therapy to eliminate and avoid toxins that promote cancer.

We give our patients the best knowledge and understanding of the therapies and methods that are going to be followed. The treatment is only started after we receive the consent of the patient.

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