While talking about cancer treatment, surgery, radiation and chemotherapy are the only treatment that comes to our mind. But, with the ever-evolving technology, now, cancer can be treated with advanced equipment with high success results. In this article, we are going to enlighten you with an invention which can be the next big thing in cancer treatment.

What is NanoKnife and How does it work in cancer treatment? 

The NanoKnife is a minimally invasive device that is used to treat cancer; the treatment process is called NanoKnife Therapy, also known as Irreversible Electroporation Therapy (IET). This is one of the latest technologies we are using in cancer-fighting therapies. It is a local tumour therapy just like the radiofrequency ablation and cryoablation. 

How does NanoKnife Therapy work? 

Well, the process involves placing small electrodes into the tumor with the help of imaging guidance like ultrasound. After placing it, the surgeon then delivers high voltage, low energy currents into the tumour to damage/destroy the cancer cells.

The electrodes are so small in size that they are placed directly into those tumours. The process won’t take much time (Depending on the patients’ age and condition) and patients can leave after getting a minimum of 23-24 hours of rest with maybe a few stitches or band-aid on their skin. As compared to other therapies; neither it is affected by arteries and veins, nor causes any damage to the nearby structure. 


  •   General anesthesia will do good
  •   It’s an overnight process. (Less than 24 hours; depends upon the condition of the patients)
  •   Low toxicity and lower side effects

To Sum Up: 

So far, the outcome of this NanoKnife therapy is pleasurable and the results so far have been effective. Many cancer treatment centres have implemented this technology. As one of the leading holistic cancer treatments centres of Guangzhou, south-east China, we’ve started implementing this technology into our treatment process.