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Dr. William Porter, renowned medical doctor and scientific writer, embarked on an extraordinary path in his personal battle against cancer and has achieved an encouraging outcome. Diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer in 2018, Dr. Porter, who had a family history of the disease, decided to pursue alternative therapies to conventional treatments to safeguard his immune system and minimize potential side effects. Before his diagnosis, Dr. Porter had been extensively researching non-toxic therapies for cancer treatment. His motivation stemmed from a desire to assist his late wife in her own battle against progressive metastatic breast cancer. Intrigued by the potential of Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) and Diagnosis, he dedicated his efforts to exploring light-sensitive photodynamic agents, lasers, and LED technologies for cancer treatment and detection. 

In 2005, Dr. Porter relocated to China to collaborate with Liuhuahu Hospital in Guangzhou for PDT research. During his time there, he further contributed to the development of numerous groundbreaking technologies, including bio-fuel production, bio-recovery of precious metals, and TerraCottem soil amendments for water-saving agricultural practices. Dr. Porter’s personal experience and extensive research in non-toxic cancer therapies shaped his decision to forego traditional treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy. Instead, he opted for minimally invasive surgery in 2019, followed by Sonodynamic Therapy (SDT) in two cycles. Notably, he chose not to undergo chemotherapy, deviating from the usual protocol outlined by the NCCN, which recommends four cycles of chemotherapy after surgery for stage III colon cancer. 

Remarkably, even during the challenging years of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Porter maintained a healthy lifestyle, adhering to a nutritious diet, regular exercise, and staying motivated in his research work. In June 2023, he underwent one cycle of SDT, and subsequent CT and tumor marker tests revealed no signs of tumor detection. This incredible outcome, achieved over three years after surgery without chemotherapy, showcases the effectiveness of Dr. Porter’s unconventional approach. Dr. Porter’s journey exemplifies the potential of individualized cancer treatment and encourages further exploration of non-toxic therapies. His remarkable success serves as an inspiration for patients and medical professionals alike, demonstrating the importance of considering alternative options in the fight against cancer. 

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