Chinese history is filled with many examples of the magical healing benefits of various ‘herbs’ and ‘medicinal’ found naturally. It is one of the best non-invasive treatment options for cancer patients holistically. SPDT 4 LIFE employs some of the best practices of Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM) and has helped patients to recover faster in a healthier manner.

The Chinese medical approach to cancer focuses on prevention, but if cancer is diagnosed, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can help balance the body and restore healing. Health is the balance between the Yin and Yang qualities that rests within oneself. Out of the four aspects, essence, blood, Qi, and Spirit, the first two come under Yin as tangible substance, and the other two refer to nourishing micro-substances under Yang. The object of TMC is to strike a better balance between these internal and external elements to restore good health.

The focus of this discussion is how to prevent cancer from occurring in the first place or from recurring after a diagnosis. A complete cycle of immunoregulation and Yin-Yang balancing Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment can be used at any stage of cancer treatment—from prevention to early diagnosis, before and after surgery, and during conventional treatment. Looking at the tremendous benefits of TMC many patients turn to this approach and continue it to be an essential part of their wellness plan.

Remember that the best treatment is prevention, so following a balanced lifestyle and getting regular checkups can help prevent the occurrence of many diseases. One of the fundamental principles in Chinese medicine is that this is a holistic system of healthcare, focused to maintain health and preventing illness, not just treat disease. But in spite of all, if you are affected with any dangerous diseases like cancer, TMC can help strengthen the body, improve immune function, limit cancer growth, detoxify, alleviate side effects of conventional treatment, protect the cells and organs and ensure their healthy functioning, and calm the mind and emotions as well as help you to make necessary lifestyle changes.

It is no secret that cancer treatments like chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation are hard on the body. Unfortunately, these treatments often come with strong side effects because of the damage of healthy tissue while killing your cancer cells. But, TCM takes a different view of the body from modern western medicine and this different perspective can provide an important complement to current standards of care. TCM practitioners view the body as a group of systems that are constantly shifting to balance each other out. If one system is relatively strong or weak compared to another system, symptoms arise. By taking note of the pattern of symptoms that arise, a TCM practitioner can take steps to treat the imbalance in the body, thus alleviating the symptoms. This “body-focused” approach is inherently different from the “disease-focused” approach of western medicine, so it can effectively treat different issues.

We are fortunate to live in a time where SPDT 4 Life, a leading holistic cancer treatment center in the world located at the Golden Sand Bay Hospital in Guangzhou, southeast China with effective treatment options for a cancer diagnosis. At SPDT 4 LIFE, they are pushing all the limits to explore a treatment plan that is effective and aims at the high quality of life during and after treatment and elimination of side effects whenever possible.