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Booking Flights

Once you have your passport and visa organised you will need to arrange flights to China.

helloworld Rowville will be able to book these flights for you.  

Lucy will assist you to choose dates for your flight to China and for your return flight home. The return flight will be based on an estimate of when your treatment should be finished. But it will only be an estimate and therefore should have some flexibility to be changed.

The progress of treatment at SoSDT 4 LIFE is monitored regularly via a number of tests and doctors will adjust treatment protocols based on the results of this regular testing. It is likely you will need to adjust your departure date once the doctors have all the information and can give you a better idea of how long the treatment will take.

Having helloworld Rowville book your flights gives you the flexibility, experience, confidence and security that if things need to be changed then they can take care of everything for you. With a simple phone call or email the helloworld Rowville team can make the changes you need, which takes the pressure and stress out of you trying to make arrangements whilst in China.

N.B. helloworld Rowville charges $90 per person to manage your booking. Airlines also charge ‘change fees’ when changing dates of flights. Flights and fees are subject to availability at the time of booking.  Change fees and higher fare options with different conditions will be provided at the time of quote.



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